Why setting schedules matter?

At cold outside temperatures, buildings are constantly losing heat to their surroundings, requiring the heating system to provide heat continuously to maintain a set temperature. 

Heat losses in houses and apartments are driven by a temperature difference between the warm interior and the cold exterior. While the insulation of the building envelop has a significant effect on the heat loss, the temperature difference between the inside and outside is of similar importance.

A bigger difference results in higher losses. If the temperature is kept at an evenly high level, the losses are also consistently high.

If the temperature is lowered in the absence of the residents with the help of a preset Schedule, then the losses to the surroundings can be minimised. 

Themo is using unique cost based optimisation.


When Themo is operating on Schedule then it calculates through thousands of variations of how to apply heat to your floor in order to reach your set schedule. Themo finds the most optimal solution based on the total electricity cost.

Total cost of electricity includes:

  • realtime electricity prices (Nord Pool Spot)
  • day/night network tariffs
  • taxes for the electricity

This means that with Themo Smart Schedule function your cost of heating is kept as low as possible. All you have to do is set a preferred temperature when you are at home.