Manual control (BOOST)

You can change the floor temperature temporarily without modifying the Smart Schedule.

In the app

Tap the current temperature indicator to go into Manual Control mode

Use a circular slider to choose a temperature setpoint for manual heating to reach and keep. To exit the view click the Set button. This will apply your setting and will return you in to the Room view

When successful then the Room View indicates the device being in the manual control mode and the setpoint it will try to reach. Below the setpoint is indicated the current temperature of the floor. 

You can end the manual control any time by pressing the End manual control button, which will exit the manual control and return to the latest active schedule. 

On the device

Use the touch button to cycle between different operating modes. Tap to select the Manual Setpoint mode to boost temperature from the device. Manual mode is indicated by the solid bright colour. 

Hold down the touch button to raise the temperature setpoint in manual setpoint mode indicated by the colours changing on the display:

Release the button to select the desired setpoint. 

Open the app to see the what colour matches with numerical setpoint. When exiting manual setpoint Themo remembers your last selected setpoint and nex time you can activate the same setpoint with on click.