During the initial setup process (app.themo.io/setup) you will be asked to manually enter the following information:

    1) Wifi name and password

    2) Temperature sensor installed

    3) Lights to be ON or OFF

Whenever it is necessary to change any of the above, a re-setup process has to be carried out. For this open the Themo Webapp (app.themo.io) and select Device Info page from top right menu or click onInfo Icon icon top left corner. 

Select Setup button from the top of the page to start reconfiguring your Themo.

When Themo is not already connected to the Wifi, then in order to start with the re-setup, Themo has to be put into configuration mode:

  1. Turn Themo into OFF mode by clicking front panel until lights are turned off
  2. When in OFF mode, hold down the button for 10 seconds until the lights will turn RED
  3. Proceed with setup according to on-screen instructions

If Themo is in configuration mode and you cannot find Themo wifi, make sure you are using a device that is capable of detecting wifi networks (e.g. smartphone or a laptop). Then turn your Wifi off and on again.