Electricity contracting and consumption history.

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Themo has the capability to measure precisely the electricity that's being used and therefore it has a unique ability to make estimations of how much it costs to heat. 

It is possible to access the data collected from your Themo using the mobile app or by logging into the web application at app.themo.io

Getting Started

First things first, you'll need to enter your electricity contract information into the app. Open the app and click on Profile settings in the upper right corner of the home dashboard. Select the Electricity contract type option. 

If you have fixed price for your electricity (per kWh), it's simple - just select the Fixed price option and take that number from your bill and put it right into the Electricity price type section. 

If you also know your network tariffs then you can add them into the Network tariff type section. The last thing to select is the Tax country. This adds renewable energy and electricity taxes for the specific country. Select other if no additional taxes should be added.

There are may be other combinations of electricity contracts that your electricity provider can use, so choose the most relevant fields and values for your case. An example of profile with spot pricing, day and night prices is shown below:

After you've set everything up by filling out the details of your electricity contract, all your devices will automatically use that data to optimise heating cycles. Press Continue to save changes.

Use the chart to find a balance between savings and comfort

Each of your devices is generating usage data which you can easily access from the mobile app. 

By monitoring your daily consumption you can adjust your heating schedule to match your saving needs. 

To access the daily consumption graph select the Room you wish to see the data and click the Graph icon in the lower right corner.

Reading the graph is easy. The amount of kWh used is shown as green bars. Your electricity price as c/kWh for each hour is shown as a purple bar. The electricity price data combines prices from your electricity contract profile. The red line is the average floor or room temperature for each hour, depending on if your Themo is floor temperature or room temperature controlled.  

You can go back through the days and see how much electricity you have used each day and see how successful your Themo has been to shift consumption from the expensive hours to the cheaper hours. 

Data hungry? Find more from the web app!

More detailed data for your Themo is available through our web application at app.themo.io

In the screenshot below, you can see an example of the consumption tracking view. From the selection options in the middle, you can choose which parameters you want for the view. For example, a green bar indicates power consumption and a red bar indicates the floor temperature at different times.

You can also select the time period. History data is available for the last two weeks. If you need to access your data for a longer period of time, you can get it by contacting support@themo.io.

You can download the data from the chart using the icon in the upper right corner of the chart.

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