How can I get started with Themo app?

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Once your Themo is installed and connected, it is easy to control your floor heating via the app and directly on your devices. 

The Dashboard of the app gives you a quick overview of all your devices and their status. You'll find the following from the Dashboard of the app:

  1. Device Groups

  2. Quick Actions

  3. Devices

  4. Add device

  5. Electricity price

  6. Profile

Starting from the top you'll see:

Device Groups

Whether you have multiple homes, apartments, or floors to oversee, organising your devices into Device Groups and select between those groups. To get started, select Profile, navigate to the My Buildings option in the Themo app. Here, you can assign devices to existing groups or create a new one. Simply select the devices you'd like to move to another category and select Add new building option, whether it's your primary residence, vacation home, or specific floor of a building.

Quick Actions

For your convenience, a three Quick Actions options are available from the dashboard to apply settings to all devices in the Device Group. Depending on your previous settings, you can:

  • Resume schedule - returns to heating schedule after putting them to manual or off mode

  • Turn off heating - puts all devices to off until you resume schedule or set manual temperature. 

  • Boost heating - turns on all heating and sets manual heating up to 27°C


The dashboard view presents users with a comprehensive list of all devices within their home or building, along with their latest state updates. Each device entry includes key information such as primary temperature (either room or floor), manual target temperatureoperational mode. You may also see PriceSwitch devices depending on your devices and setup. You can select any card to see more details.

On the left, the room name is displayed, accompanied by the operational mode directly below. On the right, current temperature is displayed. Devices selected by the user to utilize only a floor sensor will display the floor temperature, while others selected to use additional sensors will show the room temperature.

The color of the devices provides a swift indication of their respective temperatures. In the event that manual mode is selected, the color reflects the target temperature the device is set to achieve. Grey color indicates device is set to OFF/Frost protection.

Select a device to manually change temperature, adjust schedule or see consumption history. Also, additional device settings are available for the selected device:

  • Turn lights on or off.
  • Lock the device button(s) for security purposes.
  • Set the schedule temperature limit.
  • Define the Frost Protection temperature to prevent freezing.
  • Choose the sensor suite (floor, air, or floor+air) for accurate temperature monitoring.
  • Select the specific floor sensor type, such as 10kOhm, to match the installed sensor.
  • Adjust the safety temperature to prevent overheating and ensure safety.
  • Adjust heating output or remeasure power to get more accurate consumption data reporting.
  • Delete the device from the system if necessary.
  • Change the device name for easy identification.
  • Reconfigure the WiFi settings for seamless connectivity and network management.

Add device

With the Add new device option you can add a new Themo device to the app. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete configuration. For more detailed instructions please see the link below:

Electricity price

With electricity price view you can see todays electricity prices and configure your electricity contract type

From the app you can see the NPS electricity price for the current hour (incl. VAT) and for the last 7 days. In addition you can see the daily minimum and maximum prices for today.

From the bottom card you can configure your electricity contract type. Electricity contract types and prices are applied to all devices in the Device Group.


In the profile section, you can create device groups, adjust language settings, access support for assistance, or log out of your account.

The easiest way to keep your Themo app up to date is to activate automatic app updates in the operating system settings of your smartphone.

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