How far apart can the Themo devices be from my WiFi router?

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Themo needs WiFi network to work. The best way to test your home WiFi coverage is with a smartphone. Just search for nearby WiFi networks with your smartphone near Themo, and see if your phone finds your network.

The range of an Themo WiFi module depends on several factors including the power of the router, obstacles between the device and the router, interference, and the capabilities of the antenna on the Themo WiFi module. Typically, the Themo can communicate reliably within a range of about 50 meters indoors, but this can vary significantly based on the environment.

How to improve WiFi coverage

To improve WiFi coverage to a Themo device, you can consider the following steps:

1. Optimize Router Placement: Place the router in a central location, away from obstacles such as walls, metal objects, and electronic devices that may interfere with the signal.

2. Upgrade Router Antennas: If your router has external antennas, consider upgrading them to higher gain antennas for better coverage.

3. Use WiFi Range Extenders/Repeaters: Place WiFi range extenders or repeaters strategically between the router and the Themo device to amplify and extend the signal.

4. Upgrade Router: Consider upgrading to a router with better coverage and performance, especially if your current router is outdated or doesn't support the latest WiFi standards.

5. Use Access Points: If possible, install additional access points throughout your home or workspace to provide better coverage in areas where the signal is weak.

6. Use WiFi Mesh Systems: WiFi mesh systems consist of multiple access points that work together to provide seamless coverage throughout your home or office. Consider investing in a mesh WiFi system for improved coverage.

7. Reduce Interference: Minimize interference from other electronic devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices that operate on the same frequency band as Themo WiFi (2.4GHz).

8. Configure Router Settings: Adjust router settings such as channel selection, bandwidth, and transmission power to optimize performance and reduce interference.

By implementing these strategies, you can improve WiFi coverage to your Themo device and ensure reliable communication with the router.

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