When set to Schedule, Themo indicates low or high electricity price for up-coming hours using colors set by the user.To change to colour scheme of the electricity prices, open Themo app and select the device from Dashboard which colors you want to change. 

From the Device View click on the Settings icon

Choose the Lights and Color Scheme from the menu. From there it is possible to pick between different color schemes for the electricity price view. Or you can turn off lights completely for the device. 

Choose the colour scheme from the list and click on the Save Selection button. The available options from the mobile app are

  • Themo (default) - Low price is indicated by blue and high price by purple 
  • Green to red - Low price is indicated by green and high price by red
  • Blue to Red - Low price is indicated by blue and high price by red
  • Show lights only when price is high option turns lights off when price is low and back on when price is high (purple colour). 

It is possible to create your own custom colour scheme when logging in to the Themo web application

The same colour scheme for your device will be displayed on the electricity price view on the mobile app.

Note! It may take up to 1 hour for the new colour scheme take effect.