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Once your Themo is installed, it is easy to control your floor heating via the app and directly on your devices.

Getting started with the Themo app

The Themo app helps you control your heating from anywhere.

Dashboard of the app gives you a quick overview of all your devices and their status. You can easily adjust different settings for each individual device.

This screen shows the measured floor temperature of all your rooms and what mode or schedule they are operating with. It also shows current electricity price for your region. 

With the Add new device icon you can add a new Themo device to the app. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete configuration. For more detailed instructions please see the link below:

Tapping on any of the room icons will take you to that respective Room Screen. Here, you can get more information about the room's temperatures and change different settings for this room.

Using the Smart Schedule, you can set up a personalized heating schedule for each room. 

The schedule can be used to set hourly minimum temperatures for different days of the week. Heating timing and price optimisation is based on machine learning, which learns room parameters (including floor thermal capacity and insulation) and the effect of outdoor temperatures on heating demand. You can set up Themo to control either floor temperature (Themo) or room temperature (Combisensor/ThemoAir). If no external sensor is connected, Themo controls the room air temperature if (for example ceiling heaters). If you are using Themo to control room air temperature, make sure to set a valid Safety Temperature in the app to avoid overheating your floor!

Even if you've set a schedule, you can make temporary changes to the temperature at any time via the app or from the device itself.

The Settings section of the main menu helps you to manage your Room Settings and device settings.

In this section, you can:

  • Configure your device
  • Set lights and color schemes
  • Set the maximum floor temperature limit
  • Lock or unlock the touch button of the device (ie. Child Lock)
  • Set the Frost Protection temperature

Please head to our dedicated
Applications section to read more about the Themo app.

Controlling Themo manually on your device or via smartphone phone.

You can set Themo to hold a Manual Setpoint for the floor heating or quickly turn Off your heating from the app or from the device itself.

Learn more about the different operating modes of Themo and when and how to use them here:

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