Alternatively it is possible to complete the configuration via Themo web application using your laptop or mobile phone. This maybe useful when the configuration fails via the mobile app

To use this method go to address with your browser (e.g. Chrome) and log in using your user name and password. 

Note! Make sure you have your home WiFi name and password at hand before proceeding.

1. Make sure the Themo is in Configuration Mode. This means that Themo is showing its Wi-Fi network (e.g "Themo-xxxxxx") and allows new connections.

2. Select Device Info page from top right menu or click onInfo Icon icon top left corner.

3. Select Setup button from the top of the page to start reconfiguring your device.

4. Follow the instructions on the screen. When connecting with laptop use your laptop Wi-Fi to connect with Themo Wi-Fi named "Themo-xxxxxx"

5. The grey Wi-Fi icon will turn to green once you have connected your mobile device to Themo own “local” Wi-Fi (e.g "Themo-xxxxxx"). This will allow you to enter your own wireless network password for Themo.