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Resetting and reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network may be necessary, for example, if you change your Wi-Fi router or the wireless network settings change (for example Wi-Fi name and/or password). In addition, this may be necessary if you move into an apartment with a Themo installed by the previous resident.

Note! If you plan to move, don’t reset the Themo yourself, let the new resident do it! When you turn off the Wi-Fi network, Themo can no longer be controlled wirelessly.

If you are installing a completely new Themo, start by installing the mobile app and add new device from the app. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete configuration. 

1. Reset

1) Manually set Themo to Off Mode

2) Press and hold the Mode button for about 15 seconds

a. The room thermostat flashes a blue light and then goes into Configuration Mode (white/red lights flashing).

b The thermostat mounted on a DIN rail displays the text “RESET”, followed by the text “CONFIGURATION”.

2. Configuration

1. Make sure your Themo is in Configuration Mode. This means that Themo is showing its Wi-Fi network (e.g "Themo-xxxxxx") and allows new connections

2. Open the mobile app

3. Configure Themo for an (1) existing location (example below "Olohuone") or (2) add an entirely new device (new location or room).

4. When configuring an existing location, the Room Screen looks like below. Press the Settings icon in the upper right corner

5. Select Configure device

6. Follow the instructions in the application

7. The grey Wi-Fi icon will turn green once you have connected your mobile device to Themo's own “local” Wi-Fi (e.g "Themo-xxxxxx"). This will allow you to enter your own wireless network password for Themo.

8. For DIN thermostats, the thermostat asks for the resistance (ohm) of the floor sensor. Check if the resistance of the floor sensor is marked on the electrical control panel. If not, please contact us

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