I think that the real power consumption is higher / lower than Themo is showing, what can I do?

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contact our supportThemo has built in capabilities to measure power level of your underfloor heating. The internal measurement has a 10% margin of error. In case of very low power levels it may be impossible for Themo to read correct value. In this case the power level needs to be manually updated (see below).

From the internal power measurement a Consumption data for each hour is calculated and displayed on the graph. Under Additional info a Total electricity consumption is calculated for the time period which is currently zoomed in on the graph.

If the Total electricity consumption data does not seem correct for the selected period, then the internal power measurement setting may be updated manually, if known. 

Updating the power measurement value manually with software version 2.2.3 or below

Instructions below are for Themo's with software version 2.2.3 or below (<03.2019).

1. Connecting to Themo device settings

In order to change internal power measurement, you need to be connected into the same local network where Themo is connected. 

Open Themo webapp (app.themo.io) user interface. Navigate to the Device Info page of your Themo which settings needs to be adjusted from the top right menu. Alternately click on the info iconfrom the top left.

Scroll down and expand the Device system info section and locate your Device IP. Copy this IP address and open new web page with this address.

We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser for this.

2. Overwriting internal power measurement value

From Themo internal configuration page it is possible to change different settings which are stored within Themo. 

When the page opens click the right arrow > until Power page is shown. In the field below you can overwrite the measured power value in Watts. Use the Measure button to restore the last measurement of power level. Click Save!

It is important to know that when the initial power measurement is changed then it may take few days for Themo to adjust with the new settings.

Updating the power measurement value manually with software version 3.0 or higher

Instructions for updating power measurement for Themo version 3.0 or higher.

Updating is possible using Themo API, please see the documentation here. For additional help, please contact our support.

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