Why is Themo heating during expensive times?

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There can be many reasons:

  1. Themo is in Manual mode, not SLS mode
  2. Themo machine learning period is approximately 1 week and during that time it can overheat or undercool your floor or heat during wrong time periods.
  3. Your floor temperature was below minimum. Themo is always programmed to maintain minimum temperature regardless of the price (except if Max Price Limit is set by the user). For more info, check out our Know more about Themo -section.
  4. Your heating schedule has been created in an incorrect way. Read more about it here: How should I schedule my heating?
  5. As more energy is needed for a 1°C temperature change at high temperatures than at low temperatures, it is sometimes more cost efficient to ''store'' heat only moderately, even if prices are lower. Themo calculates the perfect balance for storing heat beforehand and making adjustments during daytime to ensure the most efficient result.
  6. Your floor has unique heating characteristics which make the Themo prediction complicated. For more info, check out our Know more about Themo -section.

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