How should I schedule my heating?

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Themo differs from a conventional Thermostat in many ways. One is the way of how the heating schedule should be created.

If your electricity contract uses SPOT or night/day pricing, you may be used to setting your conventional thermostat to be ON at times when electricity is usually cheaper (for example from 22.00 to 06.00). This makes perfect sense with a conventional thermostat, but for Themo your schedule should be build differently.

When creating a Smart Schedule for Themo, you should first and foremost think about when you want your floor/room temperature to be at a certain level. The perfect schedule is different for every user and every room, but below is an simple example of how to set it up regardless of your contract type. This example is for a living room of a person that is away from home from 08.00 to 16.00, and sleeps from 22.00 to 06.00:

00.00-06.00: 15°C
06.00-08.00: 22°C (morning routines)
08.00-16.00: 15°C
16.00-22.00: 22°C (staying home after work)

22.00-00.00: 15°C

When calculating the heating schedule for the day, Themo will take into account the electricity prices for the whole day and heat the floor to be at 22°C from 06.00-08.00 and 16.00-22.00 in the most cost efficient way. This means that the relay to the heater will be ON at some time before these times to ensure that these values are reached at the set times.

To make it even more simple, let us look at only the first heating period of the day:

00.00-06.00: 15°C
06.00-08.00: 22°C (morning routines)

In this case it is likely that Themo will switch it's relay ON at some time between 00.00-06.00, to ensure that the set temperature of 22°C will be reached exactly at 06.00.

In short: The times in your heating schedule will not determine when the relay of the device will be ON/OFF!

For wet rooms (such as bathrooms), where the aim is primarily to dry the floor instead of comfort, a suitable schedule could look like this:

00:00-08:00: 18°C 
08.00-10.00: 25°C (after morning routines) 
10.00-19.00: 18°C 
20.00-23.00: 25°C (after showering and evening routines) 
23.00-00.00: 18°C 

How can I maximize my savings using Themo? 

To get the most benefit out of the cheap electricity hours, you should set the Schedule Limit for your device as high as possible/comfortable. Let's say that in the above mentioned example prices are cheap at night and high at day times. By setting your Schedule Limit to 30°C (if the floor type allows it), you allow Themo to ''tank up'' heat up until this point during nightly hours. Depending on your floor characteristics this means that your floor might be above 25°C for the whole day, and no heating is necessary during daily hours.

Sometimes you might notice that Themo will not heat the floor to 30°C even if you allow it to. This is because of the fact that a temperature change from 27°C to 28°C will require a lot more energy than a similar temperature change at lower temperatures, and thus might lead to a costlier end result. In the end it might be cheaper to tank up only moderately at night and make smaller corrections during the day. Themo takes all these variables into account and finds the perfect balance to execute your schedule as cost efficiently as possible.

Note! To find out the maximum temperature limit of your floor, you should ask the manufacturer. For parquet and laminate floors the maximum temperature is usually around 27°C, and for tile floors it is usually around 30°C or more.

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