After adding new device and giving a name for your new device, you will be directed to configure the Wi-Fi Settings for your new Themo

Note! Wifi Settings of existing device can always also accessed via Room Settings menu by selecting Configure Device and then selecting Wi-Fi Settings.

Themo requires internet connection to perform full functionality. In order to connect Themo to your home WiFi follow the onscreen instructions how to enter your Wifi credentials into the device.

Note! Make sure you have your home WiFi name and password at hand before proceeding.

Open the Settings menu from your mobile phone. This may be different depending on the Android model you have.

From the phone Settings menu select Wi-Fi & internet settings and then open Wi-Fi settings. You need to find the place where all available Wi-Fi networks for your phone is being listed. 

Connect to Wi-Fi network named e.g 'Themo_xx1x23x'. This is a temporary Wi-Fi broadcasted by your Themo. If you are installing multiple thermostats then make sure other Themos are powered off in order to avoid confusion. 

Note! You will be connecting to a device without internet connection. Some Android models may warn you about this and disconnect automatically. To avoid this turn off your mobile data connection beforehand. If prompted to stay connected then select Yes.

When connected then return to Themo app and if successfully connected then the connection screen will turn to green and you can continue the configuration process.

In the following step pick your home Wi-Fi name from the list and enter the password for your home Wi-Fi network. 

Note! Your home Wi-Fi must broadcast it's name for the Themo to see it. 

If you don't see your home network from the list then make sure your home Wi-Fi name is being broadcasted and that there is sufficient Wi-Fi coverage where Themo is installed.

When Wi-Fi name and password is successfully entered and saved then Themo will stop broadcasting it's own Wi-Fi and will connect to your home Wi-Fi. It may take up to 1 minute for Themo app to show it's online. 

That's it. You can now return to Themo app and continue with setting schedules and controlling your device. 

For additional help and troubleshooting please follow the link below: