Themo operating modes

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Themo has three operating modes. It is possible to change the operating modes manually on the device or via the mobile app.

Off Mode

In the off mode, the thermostat maintains a Frost Protection temperature that is adjustable between 1 and 22 degrees from the application. If Frost Protection is disabled then no temperature is maintained. Off mode does not require an Internet connection to work.

Smart Schedule

In Smart Schedule mode, Themo relies on a weekly schedule entered into it and uses price optimisation features, requiring a Wi-Fi connection for operation. If Themo is set to Smart Schedule mode and loses connection to the Wi-Fi network for more than 24 hours, it will switch to Off Mode.

However, temporary disconnections from the Wi-Fi network, lasting less than 24 hours, will not impact the functionality of the Smart Schedule. Themo will continue to operate based on the programmed schedule and price optimisation features once the Wi-Fi connection is restored within the 24-hour window.

Manual mode

In manual mode, Themo functions like a traditional thermostat, maintaining a constant temperature set by the user throughout the day. The temperature can be adjusted either directly from the thermostat itself or remotely through the mobile application.

It's important to note that manual mode doesn't rely on an internet connection for basic operation, such as maintaining the set temperature. However, an internet connection is necessary for remote control and adjustment of the thermostat settings via the application.

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